Napoli Nissan - 03 oldmoibile alero

Worcester, Massachusetts 1 comment
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With this car only being 4 months old it has been towed & been repaired 4 times.

Totally unacceptable.Every to days is need to be towed.

It must be a lemon and dealship will not recognize their responsibility. A single mother with two children. am currently stuck with a car that does not operate and have had to *** nermous days from work to address these issues! All I want is my money back and to move on to a reputible dealer.

It is ashame that dealers are allowed to get way with these practices.For me 8000.00 was a great deal of money.

Review about: Faulty Car.


Greenwich, Connecticut, United States #707569

You purchased an 03 Oldsmobile isnt that what you said.. what do you expect, you get what you pay for. Its not the dealerships fault that car is worth 500 bucks!!!

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